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Friday the 3rd of February 2012

7:53 PM

180 degrees south

the following is a quote i heard while watching the documentary 180 degrees south. it tells the story of a man's journey to patagonia in south america. of course, i am wrecked with chilean nostalgia while watching, considering a great part of the journey takes place in chile. they also show a lot of footage of them surfing, which makes me want to learn to surf even more.

Juan Pablo Orrego, a Chilean environmentalist working to fight for the rights of indigenous people, said the following:

"¿Como esa gente que están atrapadas en las ciudades, tratando de crear un mundo mas ecológico, cuando no saben que eso es posible? Un buen ejemplo de esto, como la gente se cierra al ecosistema, es con el Walkman o el MP3. Entonces te vas cerrando, cerrando, cerrando, no quieres respirar porque el aire esta sucio, no quieres escuchar porque el ruido…, no quieres mirar porque esta feo. Y por eso es que no entendemos la naturaleza, y por eso que no la amamos, y por eso que no la cuidamos. Porque no nos damos cuenta que dependemos de ella psicológicamente y físicamente al cien por ciento."

How can people who are trapped in the city try to create a more ecologically minded world if they don't know that it's possible? A good example of how people become closed off from their ecosystems is with their Walkman or iPods. So you start to get further closed off… You don't want to breathe the dirty air, you don't want to hear because it's annoying, you don't want to look because it's ugly. That is why we don't understand nature, love it, or take care of it - because we don't realize that we depend on it psychologically and physically one hundred percent.

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