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Tuesday the 10th of May 2011

12:09 AM

the neighborhood

today i made myself some dinner then puked it up.  it was nasty and felt like food poisoning.  then, after i puked i felt a lot better, so i decided to ride my bicycle.  it got really hot in omaha today so it was perfect by the time the sun was setting.

some things were weighing on my mind, so it felt good to not think and just ride, with no real destination other than east.  i rode on leavenworth, which is full of old buildings and apartments and is just kind of shady.  in chicago i used to ride on the street, so i do that here, except cars are definitely not used to seeing cyclists.  there are practically no bike lanes, so i take up a full lane.  thankfully, there are usually multiple lanes, so cars don't go whizzing by in a death match.  most times.

i rode to the pedestrian bridge and crossed over to iowa.  omahans like to call it the bridge to nowhere, but really, it's to iowa.  i checked on my geocache, which was full of crap no one really wants.  on my way to the woods i met two deer.  i tried getting a picture but they ran away.

by this time i was feeling a little nauseous again, but there was no use in stopping since i had to get home eventually.  i really took my time on the way back, enjoying the view of the skyline, the sound of an owl, a stray cat, people walking the streets.  you can learn a lot about your neighborhood on a bike ride.  it seems that midtown had a growth spurt in the 60s or 70s, because a lot of buildings just have that feel to them.  even the businesses seem to be stuck in that era.

i got home and puked some more.
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