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Thursday the 17th of February 2011

1:28 PM

caged birds

i've been eating this soup for the past few days now.  it's wonderful.  and pretty stankin' easy.

tomorrow starts regen and i've been looking forward to it for so long that it's almost not even a big deal now.  it's going to be good.  plus families is playing with jon taube on saturday night!  we don't get to play together very often, and it's probably one of my favorite things to do ever.

i've been on a mad screen printing/embroidering/sewing kick trying to get some new merch made up.  there are scarves, slippers, a backpack, shirts, patches, buttons, and more.  it turned into a 'clean-out-my-closet-and-sew-families-on-everything' project.

it's 70 degrees and a perfect day to ride sunshine.  i ate breakfast this morning with my back door open, sitting facing the playground.  it's my same spot for nighttime mandolin playing and tea drinking.

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