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Thursday the 10th of February 2011

8:27 PM

trusted to be truthful

my vegan meal tonight:
starter - tj's multigrain crackers topped with vegan cream cheese and olive tapenade
main - creamed asparagus and leeks (coconut milk! basil!) over soba noodles with a side of kale chips
oh, and a bottle of reed's ginger brew to wash it all down with.
so delish.  and it's all thanks to this new vegan cookbook my bro got me for xmas.
i should have vegan dinner parties.  i can drop cash at the grocery store like nobody's bidness.

i have this box from aldi's that i got while diving that says cinnamon and cheese on it in huge letters.  that combo just sounds so disgusting, but the box is for those two different kinds of danishes.  but right now it has two different kinds of polaroids in it.

whoah!  the album i'm listening to had stopped a while back.  and just now came back to life.  hidden track, yo.  alright, winterpills, alright.
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