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Friday the 28th of January 2011

1:47 PM

got guts

never buy a huge thing of basil unless you have a specific purpose for it (pesto?)... you will end up eating basil in everything.  that isn't necessarily a bad thing, but consider yourself warned.  (this is mainly for my future self)

i can't concentrate on anything today.  maybe it's because there's some construction dudes working on the ceiling RIGHT above my cubicle.

corps cadets went really well.  we've been having some new girls come who don't really know a lot about God or the Bible, so it's super fun to see them interact with the Truth.  i let them control my ipod while we're riding in the van, which they loved.  after i dropped them off, one of the girls looked at me with the most sincere eyes and said, "thanks for everything tonight".

i've been feeling really tired lately even after full nights of rest.  i'm really good at letting myself think that something is severely wrong with me, but then getting too scared to go to the doctor.
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Thursday the 4th of August 2011 @ 7:19 PM

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